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About Sidewatcher

Detroit-based trio Sidewatcher is a sweetheart with a switchblade. It's the teenage girl who was ditched at prom and now has blood in her eyes. Mixed with waves of garage surf, Sidewatcher's music has a barbie punk/prom rock vibe that take you on a trip through sick love and manipulative alien boyfriends. Dylan is the bassist, backup vocalist, and co-writer for Sidewatcher. Vist www.sidewatcher.com for more.




Otra Vez Yellow on Black T-Shirt

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Otra Vez I & II CD

The album Otra Vez I & II is a compilation of the singles previously released on Otra Vez I and Otra Vez II. Comes in a jewel case, with a 2-page insert featuring the lyrics to "I Really Like You" and "Hey You". Only 2 CDs remaining!

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Time Cassette

Black tape, released on Wiener Records. Place your order now to get your own super cool cassette. Only 100 copies available!

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"Sidewatcher Zine: Volume 2" Bundle

Limited edition full-color Sidewatcher Zine: Volume 2. This bundle includes the full-color zine with two extra pages, two limited edition 1-inch pins, and a download card for Otra Vez I & II.

Handmade, collage zine. Edition of 50. Preview of zine in photos.
Printed 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 full-color pages, saddle stitched binding. 70 lb. Matte Text, 16 pages.

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Sidewatcher Eye White on Black T-Shirt

This t-shirt features Sidewatcher's eye logo printed in white on a black t-shirt.
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If your senior prom had morphed into a punk rock show, Sidewatcher would be the band tearing up the stage. Or, if you missed prom, this feral trio would provide the soundtrack to your night of plotting revenge for being jilted. They’re a band of punkish, surf rock dichotomies — sweet and bitter, charming and dangerous, seductive and snotty. They’re a hot rod that takes corners on two wheels and barbed wire wrapped around sugar cane.
— Cole Waterman, Hell's Half Mile Film & Music Festival
We bring to you yet again another talented group from Play Yah Records. We’ve talked before on the site about the need for female fronted bands and with Zoë Kissel singing and playing guitar, Sidewatcher is a perfect example. Luckily for us, September 7th Sidewatcher is releasing their debut album titled “Drive”. Every track on the album packs a punch of a punk rock guitar and powerful and raw attitude filled vocals.
— Autumn McDonald, Pure Nowhere Magazine
The talented trio Sidewatcher have just released a new album via Play-Yah Records. It’s a high-energy punk/rock album, with rock and roll riffs and catchy melodies. It’s full of punk attitude and has an overall sunny and uplifting sound. Another great offering from this band.
— Maria Savva, Real Rock and Roll
Rock-garage surf-punk es el sonido que define a esta banda de Detroit, Michigan llamada Sidewatcher, su bio dice que se formaron en 2014 pero fue hasta el año siguiente que empezaron a lanzar en forma trabajos de estudio como EP’s, compilados y singles que pueden escuchar desde su Bandcamp, pero es hasta este 2016 que vía Play Yah Records han editado su primer largo titulado “Drive“, disco en el cual viene incluida “Alien Love Affair” para la cual están estrenando video y que pueden disfrutar abajo junto al disco.
— StageTV
100 Awesome Independent Album and EP Releases You Probably Missed in 2017... 31. Drive - Sidewatcher - Detroit, Michigan, USA.
— Adam Marx, Adam Marx's Mind
New Music: Sidewatcher - Fans of alternative/punk rock will love it!
— UK Arts Directory